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Create A Not-To-Do List

It doesn’t matter how you record a task, nothing except yourself will get it done. Allocating time to complete it it is entirely up to you, forget productivity apps for all their alerts and prioritizing features, who keeps funding and building these things? Seriously! Delete anything from your phone that claims to help you “get things done.” Start simplifying your life.

There is so much pollution floating around, we should be subtracting rather than adding to it. Creating a list of tasks to avoid, bad habits to break, is far more useful than creating lists that add to the deluge.

I saw the not-to-do list idea a few days ago on Tom Savage’s simpletom blog. Tom’s another person I’ve silently sucked inspiration from over the years. He’s brilliant.

Here’s mine (for now):

  1. Download productivity apps.
  2. Keep the mobile phone in the bedroom at night.
  3. Check email between the hours of 7pm and 9am.
  4. Browse the Twitter or Facebook newsfeed.
  5. Join conference calls without a clear agenda.
  6. Tell my family I’m too busy with work to help them with something.
  7. Skip breakfast.
  8. Put off exercising for another day.
  9. Watch or read the “news.”